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Digitálny podnik 2017

Digitálny podnik 2017

Vstúpili sme do virtuálneho sveta. Čo ďalej?

14. - 15. jún 2017 | Hotel, Holiday Inn, Žilina

Minulé podujatia zo série Digitálny podnik

Digitization is the bases of Industry 4.0. It opens the door from the real factory to the virtual one. We have entered this world but do we know what should be the next? What to do with the huge amount of data? How not to lose it? How to use them for planning, optimization and flexible changes of production and logistic systems? The 10th annual conference introduces unique technological concept of Digital twin, which has been developed in the real industry conditions. At the same time it outlines visions and way being lead us to the goal being the success.

Digital factory and Industry 4.0

Where exactly is the real border between real, digital and virtual world? Is there a point they meet together and on the other hand what is typical for each one? What do digitization and virtualization bring to the industrial production? Conference will answer these questions but it also allows us to look into the world of real factories where virtual dividing line among three different worlds has been already crossed. How do these factories used digitization and virtualization to make production and logistic processes more effective, and how their productivity has raised?

Digital twin in the factory

The technological concept Digital twin allows continuous optimization of production and logistic processes. It has been created by linking physical reality and its own digital „ copy“ .Among other things it enables to shorten and streamline the processes of manipulation with materials, it optimizes logistics processes and personal performance/output and at the same time it enables them to be more flexible and adaptable . Development in this area progresses quickly so CEIT together with its partners has developed unique approach to Digital twin concept. What is the uniqueness of this approach?

The emergence of new technologies

Data from control systems are relevant in digital twin concept, based on them rise of interactive suggestions for logistics and production improvement. The conference will introduce advanced technologies and procedures for collecting & data processing, as well as their usage for prediction and optimization of production system. You will meet with new methodology for scheduling production in dynamic simulation setting, also with modern sensor system, emulation of logistic processes, and possibilities of mobile devices usage in the digital factory concept.

Let us join hands with robots

There is always an import role of human being in the modern manufacturing enterprise. Though collaborative robots have been finding by human their role increasingly in assembly lines and logistics. Comparing to previous robot generation what new they have been bringing? How should we plan the cooperation between robot and human and who is going to be a real boss? The conference will outline the trends in automatic manufacturing and logistic processes, it will show consistency between worker and coworker actions on specific solutions.

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