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Inteligentná budova 2018

Inteligentná budova 2018

Technológia je mostom k udržateľnosti

20. marec 2018 | Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel, Bratislava

Minulé podujatia zo série Inteligentná budova

8.00 - 9.00 h


9.00 - 10.20 h

Users Seek Value
A building is built for its users, therefore it is important to know their needs. It’s simple in the case of family homes. Recently a number of large super smart buildings have been built in Slovakia with complex functionalities. Already the architect’s design is smart and underlined by cooperation with future users. It is not just about high quality premises, but also technologies in the background with smart systems that strengthen the value for users and enhance the building’s sustainability.
We will present state-of- the-art trends in smart development, advanced office buildings in the old town (Uniqa Staromestská), the new ČSOB Bank headquarters in Zuckermandel and a new generation hospital Svet zdravia in Michalovce, where the hospital environment is the initial healing factor.
Stanislav Števo, Institute for robotics and cybernetics at the Slovak Technical University, Department of technical building systems
Barbora Markechova, Director for Prague Company, Bogle Architects
Miroslava Gábrišková, Director of Asset Management Department at ČSOB Bank
Maurits Algra, managing partner, Dutch Health Architects

10.20 - 10.40 h


10.40 - 12.30

Time for a Change
What are the trends in advanced development? What principles apply to smart and sustainable buildings as well as large urban development units? Building structure has not changed in nearly a hundred years, but ever more demanding sustainability requirements push the search for new ways. It is not only about a return to pre-industrial era, but also about the use of state-of- the-art digital technologies. Although these are only initial attempts worth mentioning, we should learn more about the potential that lies behind.
You will get to know the trends in advanced development and the principles that apply to smart and sustainable buildings as well as large urban development units. We will also get to know the possibilities of new technologies in the construction industry: 3D printing and use of wood in sky-rise buildings.
Juha Kostiainen, Executive Vice President, Urban Development, YIT Corporation (Finland)
Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Founder, CEO at 3D Printhuset A/S (Denmark)
Pavol Pokorný, Institute for energetically passive homes, PokornyArchitekti
Matej Kerestúr, inovujeme.sk, National project Increasing the innovative performance of the Slovak economy, Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency: SIEA

12.30 - 13.30 h


13.30 - 15.15 h

Workplace solutions
Quality of work place is becoming a competitive edge attracting the best talents, promoting efficiency, high performance and meeting corporate goals. It is an inseparable part of corporate culture. Design of office buildings cannot ignore this trend. It’s no longer a bonus for a few selected clients, but an absolute must. Work is changing and traditional office is being transformed into a place that next to efficient work by oneself mainly serves meeting purposes. What are the methodologies behind development of high quality office space and what impacts productivity: lighting, temperature, air quality, security, rest rooms. How to achieve this at the lowest cost with regard to sustainability throughout the building’s lifecycle? And what is important to users? The topic will be discussed by social science and workplace consulting experts. We will have a look at domestic and foreign projects that are a success and a failure to help us better understand what influences our life in smart buildings.
Kristina Pomothy, Collective
Ján Matulník, Architecture and Interior Design Department, CBRE Slovakia
Michal Matloň, Workplace Consultant, Origameo by HB Reavis
Peter Píš, Head od Leasing, J&T Real Estate

Workplace Solutions (Panel discussion)
What environment suits work in the 21st century? The traditional office is over…for good? What do co-working, flexible office space and other work place alternatives mean in practical terms?
Moderator: Kristina Pomothy
Martin Stára, Founder, Studio Perspektiv
Ermanno Boeris, Managing Partner, Colliers International
Natália Kisková, Head of Global Coworking Spaces, HubHub

15.15 - 15.30 h


15.30 - 16.30

And What about Slovak Developers?
What is the situation in the Slovak market? What does smart building mean to developers? Do they only care about construction and operation cost regardless of architectural value of the building, quality interior and comfort for users? What are the differences between smart office and smart residential buildings? What methodologies are used to calculate elements of smart and sustainable building from the economics perspective? And how is the term smart viewed by the user?
Representatives of three leading developers will provide their perspectives concerning the Slovak market and experiences from abroad: HB Reavis Slovakia, Penta Investments and J&T Real Estate. We’ll talk about both office buildings and residential housing that is still lagging behind in the use of smart technologies.
Moderator: Juraj Kaiser, Technical Development Manager, Penta Real Estate
Tomáš Meliško, Head of Strategic Projects, HB Reavis Slovakia
Jozef Halász, Head of Asset Management, Penta Investments
Pavel Pelikán, managing director, deputy chairman of the board, J&T Real Estate
Alexander Janušek, CCO, Domotron

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